Frequently Asked Questions

What is a server?


A server is a 24/7 machine hosted within a data center that allows for remote access. Depending on how you configure your server, you can run software on it, uninterrupted.

We sell servers with Windows pre-installed, it acts just like a normal Windows PC!

Will my server be available 24/7?

Your server will be available at all times — no matter what.

Do you have a refund policy?


We offer a refund within seven (7) days of ordering your service.

What happens if I submit a PayPal/Card Dispute?


This will immediately result in termination of your service and banned from JDC Servers.

Do you sell proxies?


We do not.

Do you have a refund policy?


You will need to utilize proxies on most footsites due to the server IP address being filtered, as the server appears to be from a datacenter. A proxy will circumvent this.

Will I have root/admin access to the VPS?


All of our plans come default, with Administrator privileges.

How long will it take to deliver my server?


We aim to delivers servers within 1-24 hours.

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